Our team is comprised of experienced problem solvers that thrive in critical, high impact situations. We pride ourselves on being developers and business people, with a deep respect for the specific needs of our clients and an acute appreciation for the value of working closely with our clients’ teams throughout the process, from the first whiteboard session to supporting and enhancing the company into the future. We guarantee that we will always deliver a superior product with an efficient client feedback loop to ensure our work matches the client’s needs and desires.


Our technical team is led by Dr. Brian Dougherty and Chris Thompson. Beyond being highly-experienced computer scientists, they are great leaders, educators and passionate ambassadors for the development community. Their deep technical strengths and their ability to work tirelessly through very complex and highly strategic technical challenges with a client are fundamental to our mission and business.

Brian and Chris oversee our talented, energetic and proven set of developers. Build3 remains committed to fostering a collegial, educational and fun culture throughout our firm. Our proprietary and constant “Develop the Developer” training system yields a superb bench of capable, multi-dimensional and ever-evolving developers that are eager to take on our clients’ crucial and complex technology requirements.


Build3’s technical team is supported by an administrative and customer relations staff led by Patrick Murray. Patrick brings extensive business experiences from a diverse array of industries and perspectives, which is leveraged to manage Build3, as well as to support the strategic planning and ongoing business needs of Build3’s clients.

Build3’s Board of Directors is led by Vic Gatto. Vic is Partner at Nashville-based Solidus Company, an investment firm that invests in high-growth businesses to create important companies and foster entrepreneurial success. Previously, Vic was with Massey Burch Capital Corporation after co-founding InfoTech, a software company in Boston, which grew from three to more than 250 employees when sold in 1999. He also serves on the boards of The Nashville Technology Council and the Vanderbilt Healthcare Business Alumni Association.

Build3’s Advisory Board is led by Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt is Full Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Associate Chair of Computer Science and Engineering and a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS), all at Vanderbilt University. He is also Adjunct Professor of Software Engineering in the Institute for Software Research at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. He was recently selected as one of five Vanderbilt faculty members to teach a course on patterns and frameworks for concurrent and networked software for Coursera.

Dr. Schmidt is an internationally known and widely cited researcher whose work focuses on patterns, optimization techniques and empirical analyses of object-oriented and component-based frameworks and model-driven engineering tools that facilitate the development of distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) middleware and applications on parallel platforms running over high-speed networks and embedded system interconnects.

In addition to our team, Build3 maintains a strong network of strategic partners and independent contractors, for when the client’s demands require these additional resources.

The entire team is based in the United States, with our headquarters located in Nashville, Tennessee and a secondary office in Boston, Massachusetts.