Design the client’s entire technology roadmap including security and infrastructure architectures.

Client Description

The client’s primary product is an innovative consumer electronics device designed to automatically detect and respond to automobile accidents. The device plugs into the cars 12V cigarette lighter and uses the cellular network and GPS to report car accidents and immediately connects the occupants of the vehicle to emergency services via a US-based call center.

The client’s system is based on two servers: a front-end, public facing server that hosts the website and the consumer facing web application, and a second, backend server that coordinates business tasks, handles integration with third party web services, communication with in-car devices and serves as a command and control server for the front-end server and mobile apps.

Build3's Role

Build3 engineers were completely responsible for the architecture and construction of the back-end server, as well as extending the API functionality of the front-end server. They were responsible for integrating with multiple third party web services, designing batch data processes and architecting internal and external protocols and APIs.