Streamline the client’s application process to better identify grant recipients.

Client Description

The client is a nonprofit built around the concept of venture philanthropy. Specifically, the client encourages disruptive innovation in education both domestically and abroad. Prior to engaging Build3, the client accepted grant applications through an outdated web form that sent completed applications in email form. This submission process resulted in a disorganized, inefficient review process that consumed an inordinate amount of time. Additionally, formatting issues with the emails meant that certain applications received undue penalty because of text overflow and other formatting issues.

Build3's Role

The client contacted Build3 to engineer a cost-effective solution that would allow the client to automatically organize applications, streamline the review process and increase the overall application quality. Build3 accomplished this by leveraging the WordPress content management system with a custom form processing plugin. The WordPress engine granted the client newfound freedom to modify site content with little or no technical knowledge while still maintaining a professional presentation. The custom form processing plugin enabled dynamic searching and filtering, as well as PDF generation and attachment support. This allowed the client to meet the needs of their various reviewers in both print and electronic formats, as well as better streamline the application filtering process in a scalable manner.